Fellow heathen historians.

Welcome to the new heathen history site. This news feed will host all the general A Level history news, and materials. We hope that this will build up to be a collection of enriching materials that will reflect the broad and diasporait nature of the discpline. Below is a good example of this.

In November 2012 BBC Radio 3 ran a series of fifteen minute lectures from young academics in the humanities and the arts. Here Jonathan Healey gives a talk questioning the value of learning lessons from history. He argues ”that lessons drawn from the past and applied to our own world are meaningless, despite what we are told by best-selling historians and television documentaries. It is precisely because the past is so foreign that we are able to understand what is so unique about today.” Have a listen and see what you think.

Mr Kydd.

Please find here the department’s 5Rs document (Research, Reflect, Review, Read around, and Respond to feedback). It sets out what A Levels students should expect from us, and what we expect from you. The diagrams below shows the skills that we want you to develop and some of the reasons why historians disagree…



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