Debate over the location of the site of the Battle of Hastings

In recent years there has been considerable historical discussion about the exact location of Bosworth field. It now seems that there is similar uncertainty about the location of the Battle of Hastings. This report from the BBC explains the uncertainty, and asks if it matters.

There is a link here to the earlier report on the Black Death. It is tempting to see the History of the Middle Ages as done (and dull ?). Nothing could be further from the truth. For me the very term is unhelpful. It is a huge 400 year period, which should not be generalised. Moreover, our understanding of it is still evolving.

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One Response to Debate over the location of the site of the Battle of Hastings

  1. Ryan Kemp says:

    Highly doubtful that it is anywhere but Battle. As the article states the Abbey was built on a thoroughly awkward, if not impossible position. The ground had to literally be shifted and a new water supply put through. William did not place it there for no reason and could hardly have lied to the regular meetings which took place there, of the very nobility who had fought by his side. As far as I can tell from the Bayeux Tapestry the depiction looks thoroughly similar to the site at Battle and in the broader context of the campaign, a stand there between London and Pevenesey makes sense.

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