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A recommendation from a friend of the site !

In designing our A Level course we were very keen to add the Elizabethan unit for a number of reasons. Above all, it is an excellent topic, but  it also allowed you explore issues of gender, historiography and to understand … Continue reading

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Is Richard III buried under a Council car park in Leicester ?

Everything about Richard III is just interesting. He is famed as the last English king of England (remember the Tudors were Welsh and the Stuarts were Scottish) and the last King to die in battle (at the Battle of Bosworth … Continue reading

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Obituary – Sir John Keegan

As students move into and beyond A Level history they should be aware of how the discipline becomes more specialised. Military history has never really been my thing but I have always had great admiration for two British historians of … Continue reading

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Reinterpretation of the cause of the Spitalfields mass graves

In the 1980s a mass burial pit from the 1340s Black Death  was discovered at Spitalfields in London. This report was typical, stating  “it contained two mass burial trenches and a mass burial pit, densely filled with several hundred articulated skeletons, as well … Continue reading

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