Ten interpretations of who started the First World War…

gavrilo2_gettyAnother helpful post from the BBC magazine pages. If you click here you will find ten different views of who was most to blame for the First World War.



1. Sir Max Hastings – military historian – Germany

2. Sir Richard J Evans – Regius professor of history, University of Cambridge – Serbia

3. Dr Heather Jones – associate professor in international history, LSE  – Austria, Germany and Russia

4. John Rohl – emeritus professor of history, University of Sussex – Austria and Germany

5. Gerhard Hirschfeld – professor of modern and contemporary history – University of Stuttgart  – Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Britain and Serbia

6. Dr Annika Mombauer – The Open University –Austria and Germany

7. Sean McMeekin – assistant professor of history at Koc University, Istanbul – Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Britain and Serbia

8. Prof Gary Sheffield – professor of war studies, University of Wolverhampton – Austria and Germany

9. Dr Catriona Pennell – senior lecturer in history, University of Exeter – Austria and Germany

10. David Stevenson – professor of international history, LSE – Germany

See who you agree with most.

Mr Kydd.

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