Question Time

If you haven’t made up your mind about who to vote for, then the following links might help you. Below Jeremy Paxman interviews David Cameron and Ed Miliband in March.

Question-TimeYou might also like to watch last night’s election special from Question Time.  This time David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg are given 30 minutes each in front of an audience.  It is pretty lively.

Click here to watch.

Mr Kydd.

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One Response to Question Time

  1. Mrs. Bastone says:

    The Question Time Election Special was, as Mr. Kydd says, very lively. Unfortunately this was due to the excellent audience participation rather than any great talent on the part of the politicians. It is very frustrating that the politicians are refusing to be honest with the electorate and are not really being challenged to do so. The audience in this programme really gave them a run for the money but you could see the frustration they were feeling too. Overall, David Cameron came off very well from a performance point of view but then he was a PR man! I felt that Dimbleby rather let him off the hook. He did not answer any of the questions and has consistently refused to say where the further benefit cuts will come from. Ed Miliband has improved his performances throughout the campaign though is not a natural in front of the camera – does that really matter though? Would we rather a PR natural with no substance as leader or someone who has good instincts but isn’t necessarily a performer? And as for Nick Clegg, well if you don’t care who you get then vote Liberal Democrat! I did for 40 years but never again!

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