Examination codes and dates


Please find your examination dates and paper codes listed below. These will also be posted in the revision tab above.

After school revision will start for Year 11 in January, whist AS and A2 revision will start after the mocks.

Details to follow (I will write to you and your parents).

Mr Kydd

History and politics examination dates and codes 2015 /16


Code Information Examination date
A013/01 Paper One 6 June 2016 AM
A022/01 Paper Two 14 June 2016 PM
A010BD/24 Controlled Assessment
J418 Certification code

A Level –old – legacy – Edexcel

Code Information  
6HI02/E Britain in the later C20

AS re-sit only

25 May 2016 PM
6HI01/D Option D – A divided world – USA

AS re-sit only

18 May 2016 PM
6HI03/F –

option D1

Germany 1900 – 1945 – Kaiser to Fuhrer. 10 June 2016 AM
6HI04 Coursework
AS – 8HI01

A Level – 9HI01

Certification codes

A Level new- OCR

Code Information  
Y137 The Later Tudors 18 May 2016 PM
Y246 The USA in the C19 25 May 2016 PM
HI05 Certification codes

A Level –politics – AQA

Code Information  
GOV P1 People, politics and participation (AS) 6 June 2016 AM
GOV P2 Governing Modern Britain (AS) 9 June 2016 PM
GOV 3A Politics of the USA 14 June 2016 PM
GOV 4A Governing the USA 16 June 2016 PM
AS – 1151

A Level – 2151

Certification codes


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