Year Nine prep – reflecting on Auschwitz


Following on from today’s lesson, for prep I would like you to do the following.

  •  Explore the three BBC web pages below.

  This account of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz II-Birkenau (here).

The audio slideshow from the Auschwitz Museum explaining the problems of preserving the ageing and crumbling 191-hectare site, with limited funds (here).

Two experts on Auschwitz arguing for and against the idea that the former Nazi death camp should be allowed to crumble away (here)

  • Then post which view you agree with more (and why) below. One paragraph please.

Please note, for your post to appear, I will need to approve it – so don’t worry it is does not show up straight away.

You can of course discuss this with people at home.

Mr Kydd.

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8 Responses to Year Nine prep – reflecting on Auschwitz

  1. Rosie Keeling says:

    Auschwitz should not be forgotten. There should be a memorial for all the people that died there. They should spend the money that they were going to use to keep it going, to give to their nearest hospital for example. This memorial should be well looked after and respected. When the concentration camp has completely disappeared, it should not be built on, it should be left as a commemoration of Auschwitz. Question, ‘At Auschwitz, tell me, where is God?’ Answer, ‘Where is man?’

  2. liam says:

    I am against Auschwitz being let to crumble away because of the following reasons,-It keeps the memory of people who have died,This can not be forgotten because of how bad the situation was,It allows the new generation to see what has happened in the past,people can go to visualise it and see what it was really like in Auschwitz.

  3. Lucy says:

    There are many reasons why we should carry on maintaining Auschwitz. Despite the economic impact I believe Auschwitz should be kept as a memorial to the 1.1 million people that died and the very few that survived there. Furthermore, Auschwitz should be kept for future generations as it has immense emotional impact and should be kept as a piece of evidence and a reminder of it. Lastly, it would be a disrespectful to build building or houses on the land. We cannot let Auschwitz crumble away.

  4. Luke Buchanan says:

    I believe that Auschwitz should become a tourist attraction as we can not just forget about it and leave it behind.It should become a tourist attraction to show people how harsh the living conditions were and to educate people. Every school teaches students about Auschwitz and the Holocaust but you can never think how bad it actually was. although we will never know what it was like, this can give a better understanding of it. Also, it would be right to have a memorial to all the people who died in the holocaust to show that it is not something to forget about. There are also many other attractions linked to the holocaust such as Anne Franks house so I don’t see a problem in making Auschwitz one. Overall, I think we should keep and turn Auschwitz into a tourist attraction to show people a insight of what it was like to live there, it also cannot be forgotten and thrown in the past.

  5. Frankie & Kiren says:

    We strongly disagree with the idea of demolishing Auschwitz. This is because there is hard evidence that it happened. Even though the Nazis tried to cover up their crimes by destroying the evidence of gas chambers and killing the apparatus, there were eye witnesses and careful examination of the ruins. They still didn’t manage to get rid of the human hair and other evidence. It is important to keep Auschwitz because it played a major part in history and it reminds us to never purposely make living hell again.
    Why would we destroy Auschwitz but not destroy the Titanic which also caused thousands of deaths? The Titanic did not course a fraction of deaths that Auschwitz did but yet we would never think about destroying it because its part of history however we are considering destroying Auschwitz which played a bigger part in history.
    We don’t need to carry on paying thousands or even millions to keep Auschwitz in tat for tourism but we should let it die down itself. It is slowly falling to pieces and we should let it do it itself and not let it be man’s fault. Once it has completely destroyed itself we should not build on it and leave it there to remember how easy man can terrorize millions and remember all the lives which were lost.

  6. Adam says:

    I strongly believe that the Auschwitz camp should be demolished. Auschwitz will be turned into a tourist attraction and shouldn’t be used like that. we should live in the future and not in the past it doesn’t deserve the light of day, it should be remembered, but not still here for a tourist attraction and a site people will want to see, but they will forget about the millions of deaths at that very location.

    We should move on and rise from it. They will still be remembered but not on a place of mass murder and where souls lie.

  7. Mr Kydd says:


    I really want to know why Nazi kill so many Jews ? But why they spent lots of money to build railway line, gas chamber and even built so many death camps to kill Jews? I think the museum collect evidences (human hair, child shoes and also the building) they want to show the world what Nazi did the Jews and it should therefore be kept.

  8. Sean H says:

    I Believe we should not demolish Auschwitz and it should be restored to what it was like and should be made a very harsh and very similar to how it was to educate people how the holocaust was a living hell.
    If it becomes a tourist attraction it should be extremely realistic to show how horrible and evil the nazis were and how the camps were an industrialized way of killing innocent people. If it is a very gruesome and realistic showing of how the camp worked this should eliminate the desensitization of the holocaust and make it completely true that the holocaust happened.

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