Year 7 Silchester Investigation work

For next lesson.

  1. Read “The Romans build towns” – on the second page you will find a plan of Silchester. Study it.

2. Watch the following 5 minute video.


3. Explore the following links

4. Write a paragraph in full English to answer the following question

What does the Silchester site tell us about Roman Britain ?

  • You should then highlight your connectives yellow and your adjectives green.

Enrichment (you do not have to do this)

If your family like a walk, you could visit  Silchester any time  – a route is shown below.

If you take a digital photograph and stick it in your book I will give you a commendation.

If you like art – you may like to design your own mosaic – use this link.

Again I will give you a commendation if you stick it in your book.

Mr Kydd.

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