Enrichment – things to discuss. Denial: The shaming of a ‘holocaust denier’ David Irving

diHappy New Year all,

A very controversial one to start 2017. David Irving is the “historian” who has been to court and indeed to jail for views on the Second World War.

Below find  a trailer for a BBC film about his unsuccessful libel case against the American historian Deborah Lipstadt – Denial. He was shown to have deliberately misrepresented historical evidence to promote Holocaust denial – and was thus discredited. The court ruled that Irving was an active Holocaust denier, anti-semite and racist who “for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence.”

Four questions we could consider;

  • Is David Irving a historian ?
  • Should free speech have any boundaries ?
  • Should films like this be made ?
  • Is there anything new about post-truth politics ?

Mr Kydd.

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