Enrichment – things to read. Centenaries and book reviews…

3-28-13_readingSomething to read for both years below.

Year Thirteen –
If you click here you will get to  article discussing how Russia is considering how to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

“1917 is problematic. On the one hand, the Soviet state that came from the revolution was the one that won the war and whose military and scientific achievements Putin thinks should be venerated. But on the other hand Putin has elevated “stability” to being one of the key tenets of his rule, and as such celebrating a revolution goes against the very grain of his political philosophy”.

Have a read and see what you think. We can discuss it in your history society on Tuesday.


image_normalYear Twelve –

If you click here then you will to  review of John Guy’s work on our Unit 4 – the last years of Elizabeth. I have just finished it, and you can a real historian at work. As Gallagher states “Guy’s careful reading of newly unearthed materials allows him to challenge old ideas. This is where the real excitement is – when the historian steps in to interrogate the sources – and the reader might wish for more of this document-driven narrative in place of the more traditional biographical structure that guides much of the book“.

Click here for John Guy’s website.

Again – have a read and see what you think. We can discuss it in your history society on Friday.

Mr Kydd

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