37 days: Countdown to the First World War


As I showed you in the lesson, please click here for the excellent BBC timeline of the countdown to war. This chronology will really help you as you practice / get confident with with the gobbets and typicality.

You may also like to to look at the Youtube videos shown below (they get harder as you go).

1. An extract from the Jeremy Vine Show 11 June 2013 All Germany’s fault?

Neil Faulkner (a marxist) debates Max Hastings (who isn’t!)

2. The British Library debate – The Origins of  the First World War

Gary Sheffield, Annika Mombauer, Dan Todman, and Neil Faulkner.


3. A Yale University lecture on the topic.

00:00 – Chapter 1. Tangled Maps of Empire: Diplomatic Origins of the First World War
07:24 – Chapter 2. A Delicate Balances: The Shifting Alliances of the Great Powers
19:26 – Chapter 3. The British Empire on the World Stage: Capabilities on the Continent
32:29 – Chapter 4. Mounting Tensions in Alsace-Lorraine: The Saverne Crisis
40:14 – Chapter 5. War Expectations and Enthusiasm.

I hope that they are helpful.

Mr Kydd.

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