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These pages are designed to support LVS A Level students studying for their summer examination. Our examination board is OCR H505, and the paper is Y107 – The Later Tudors. Please find the course Personal Learning check list here. You may also like to look at these excellent timelines from the BBC.


We envisage that different students will use different parts of the site in different ways. Most students find the assessment sections above as particularly useful for reference. You should however also look at the additional materials section to enrich and extend your studies. As you study the different units you may like to use the appropriate pages. Below this post will be articles of news about Tudor history. Above all however, we want this to be your site. However you use it is fine, but please take ownership of it. Oh you might also like to see this early film footage of the Elizabethan puritans in action…

Please find here the department’s 5Rs document (Research, Reflect, Review, Read around, and Respond to feedback). It sets out what A Levels students should expect form us, and what we expect from you.

Mr Kydd.


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Something to watch – England’s Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey

Year Twelve,

As we move to the Mid Tudor source work, can I strongly recommend that you watch this  excellent series on Lady Jane Grey from the wonderful Helen Castor – one of my favourite historians. It is particularly helpful for the stability of the monarchy and rebellions units.

It is “an epic tale of dynastic rivalry, intrigue and betrayal” for the first reigning queen of England.


Mr Kydd.

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Enrichment – something to watch – Elizabeth’s secret agents

The first of the four part series aired tonight. You can watch them here. Please do – it is excellent enrichment for our course. The trailer below gives you a taste.

If you want more from the BBC’s Tudor season Lucy Worsley’ and David Starkey’s contributions be found below.

Mr Kydd.

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Places to visit (soon) – The Greenwich Maritime Museum to see the Armada Portrait.

If you click here you will get to the Greenwich Maritime Museum page on the famous Armada Portrait. Recently saved for the nation, this iconic portrait of Elizabeth I commemorates the most famous conflict of her reign – the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in summer 1588. The Armada Portrait is currently off display for essential conservation work, to preserve its fragile painted surfaces which are over 400 years old. The work is expected to take until the autumn.


The Armada Portrait is an outstanding historical document, summarizing the hopes and aspirations of the state as an imperial power, at a watershed moment in history. But the Armada Portrait transcends this specific moment in time. Scholars have described it as a definitive representation of the English Renaissance, encapsulating the creativity, ideals and ambitions of the Elizabethan ‘Golden Age’.

Why not go an visit when it is back on display.

Mr Kydd.

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‘Incredibly rare’ William Caxton print discovered – in the University of Reading

_95969287_caxton3If you click here you will get to a BBC report on a find in the University of Reading’s special finds department – two pages of previously unknown print by Claxton.

“Erika Delbecque, special collections librarian at the university, described the find as “incredibly rare”. The two pages, with religious texts in medieval Latin, were produced by Caxton at his pioneering printing works in Westminster – and are now going on public display for the first time since they were sold from his print shop in the 15th Century. They are believed to be from the earliest years of Caxton’s printing press, either 1476 or 1477, and are being hailed as a remarkable discovery.”

You might like follow the links on the page to find out more about Claxton.

Mr Kydd.

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Essay plan

The plan from yesterday’s lesson.


Mr Kydd.

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Essay plan – To what extent was finance the most serious financial problem that Elizabeth faced ? / Unit 3 overview

Inflation - financial problems essay

Unit 3 overview - question decoding.

Note the colour codings please.

Mr Kydd.

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Pre-mock revision. The sources revision power point


If you click here you will get the technique revision powerpoint presentation for the sources questions. Any further questions, do please come and find me.

Mr Kydd.

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Enrichment – things to watch. Timewatch: The Mary Rose

pomegranateIf you click here you will get to the BBC iplayer and Dan Snow’s Mary Rose Timewatch programme. It is excellent – particularly if you are thinking of archaeology as a degree course. You may also like to click here to visit the BBC’s online interactive guide.

Mr Kydd.

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Half Term Work


Over half term you need to do the following.

  1. Read and note this excellent web link in detail. Read this for extension.
  2. Question 14 – Page 24 (on sugar paper).

Make sure that you explain how the bodies link together.

Now use a piece of A1 paper to construct your own version of the diagram on Page 2. You should include as much evidence as you can and explain the links between the different parts of the system.

3. Essay (Examiner report and guidance on p26)

How important was the Privy Council in the government of England during the reign of Elizabeth ?

4. Watch the following;


Mr Kydd.


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Enrichment – something to watch. She Wolves – Helen Castor


A really excellent start to the course from the super Helen Castor.


Mr Kydd.



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