History Society – Was the Black Death a virus ?

black-death-3Please click here for the Was the Black Death a Virus? article. It raises the points I suggested to you in History Society…

“Textbooks tell us that the bubonic plague caused the Black Death. But not everyone is convinced. Since 1984, scientists have put forward alternative explanations for the Black Death. For example, sociologist Susan Scott and biologist Christopher J. Duncan claim that a hemorrhagic fever, similar to the Ebola virus, caused the Black Death. And others blame anthrax or say that some now-extinct disease was the culprit.

Bubonic plague just doesn’t make sense, they argue. The symptoms, the high mortality rate, the speed at which the disease spread, and the way the disease spread — none of it jibes with typical bubonic plague.”

Read it and see what you think.

Mr Kydd.

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