Causes of the First World War support materials


As promised the map we were using last lesson. This is more useful than the text book ones because it reflect the collapse of the Ottoman Empire – thus showing how Morocco and the Balkans are two sides of the same problem.

You may like to note also,


  • Germany has no obvious interest in either theatre (another Bismarckian principle gone).
  • The logic of French interest in Morocco.
  • The chaos of Austro-Hungarian boarders in an age of nationalism.
  • The legitimacy of German fear of Russia and Einkreisungpolitik


Callum’s excellent find to “beef up” the defensive war argument can be found here.

You should also really  watch the great man in action. Below AJP Taylor convinces the world (for a few weeks) that the First World War started because of the Russian railway timetable. This obviously fits into the war plans argument.

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