Easter revision – Year Twelve

Effective-revision-planning-and-tips-300x200Other digital platforms exist, but in case you want it from here, please find your Easter work and useful documents attached.

  • Click here for the blank Easter planner.
  • Click here for the technique power-point (explaining C-O-P)
  • Click here for the AS PLC.

1. Using the A1 sugar paper that I have given you in class prepare a detailed revision posters for each of the following key questions.


  • Government
  • Parliament
  • Religion
  • Finance and Economics

Mid Tudors

  • Stability of the monarchy
  • Religion

This should include;

  • Contents and concepts
  • Hard evidence
  • Key terms.
  • Links and relative importance
  • Possible questions

2. Second mock. You can prepare this and have x1 side of A4 in front of you, but please complete this in timed conditions.

Mr Kydd.

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