Enrichment – things to discuss – How valid are the parallels between the Trump administration and 1930s Germany ?

Trump KongIf you click here you will get to an Independent write up of historian Timothy Snyder’s article for  The Guardian (it can be found here  but is not the easiest of reads). Snyder is a leading Yale historian, who suggests that Republicans today “risk  remembered like the conservatives of 1930s Germany, who were overcome by the radical right in Adolf Hitler’s ascension to power”.

  • How valid are his arguments ?
  • Is this good history / helpful ?

We will discuss this in a History Society session in September. For now, have a read and see what you think.

Mr Kydd.

“Writing in The Guardian, Timothy Snyder, Housum professor of history at Yale University, claims the “mendacity-industrial complex of the Trump administration makes conservatism impossible, and opens the floodgates to the sort of drastic change that conservatives opposed”. 

He examines the language of the President’s campaign and of his staff, from Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to the administration’s acknowledgement of Holocaust Remembrance Day, and its relation to the far-right in 1930s Germany and America.

Mr Snyder claims Mr Bannon wants to undo the legacies of 1940s America, which saw a fight against fascism and the results of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, which provided jobs and financial support for millions of Americans affected by the Great Depression…”

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