History and politics examination dates and codes 2015 /16


Code Information Examination date
A013/01 Paper One 6 June 2016 AM
A022/01 Paper Two 14 June 2016 PM
A010BD/24 Controlled Assessment  
J418 Certification code  

A Level –old – legacy – Edexcel

Code Information  
6HI02/E Britain in the later C20

AS re-sit only

25 May 2016 PM
6HI01/D Option D – A divided world – USA

AS re-sit only

18 May 2016 PM
6HI03/F –

option D1

Germany 1900 – 1945 – Kaiser to Fuhrer. 10 June 2016 AM
6HI04 Coursework  
AS – 8HI01

A Level – 9HI01

Certification codes  

A Level new- OCR

Code Information  
Y137 The Later Tudors 18 May 2016 PM
Y246 The USA in the C19 25 May 2016 PM
HI05 Certification codes  

A Level –politics – AQA

Code Information  
GOV P1 People, politics and participation (AS) 6 June 2016 AM
GOV P2 Governing Modern Britain (AS) 9 June 2016 PM
GOV 3A Politics of the USA 14 June 2016 PM
GOV 4A Governing the USA 16 June 2016 PM
AS – 1151

A Level – 2151

Certification codes  





Well done on an excellent turn out at the Sunday revision session. We hope that it was helpful.

Please find here the powerpoint presentation. This is an electronic version of the written answers and if you need top up notes, this will provide the link to excellent history learning site.

Keep working…

Mr Kydd.


Year Thirteen Revision

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Mr Kydd

Exclaimation mark - YellowPlease find here the flyer for the Easter revision for the Russian dictatorships course. You should also note the two hour Wednesday sessions in the new term. These will run every Wednesday with a one hour overview of content, followed by essay planning work.

See you there.

Mr Kydd.


STOP PRESS – the materials from this session are on the Russian dictatorships section of the site (so that they can be more easily found by next year’s students).


Year Twelve Revision

Exclaimation mark - YellowThe Year Twelve Revision timetable is now published. You can get a flyer from one of your teachers, and the first session is this week.

The Year Thirteen timetable will be published after half term.

If you have any specific concerns that you would like built into these revision sessions then please do let us know.

Mr Kydd.


Christmas Support.

Apologies for the cartoon (from Private Eye) but what is it they say about humour having one foot in reality ? Obviously a good number of you will be preparing for AS papers on Elizabethan government or Italian Unification in January.  It has been great too see so many of you in the after school content sessions this term, but we thought some teacher time and technique work over the holidays would also be helpful. This will be as follows.

Friday 28th December

Location – The History block (entry via the main gate please)

10.30 – 11.15 –

Meet the examiners. What are the lessons to learn from the Summer 2012 examination season ? T9

11.20 – 12.40 –

  • Unification document work with Mr Podesta – T9
  • Elizabethan essay planning with Mr Kydd – T10

12.45 – 2.00 –

  • The Elizabethan session will be repeated for those students sitting both papers – T10
  • If you are missing any notes / have any concerns Mr Podesta will be available in T9.

We look forward to seeing you then / Mr Podesta will be bringing mince pies.

A few last points.

  • Please bring your notes with you (there will be some group essay planning work in both sessions).
  • Please email either of us with any concerns that you have before the day. We can then build these matters into the sessions.
  • If the weather looks like it might cause us to cancel, then please check on this site. We will post if school is unable to open.

Mr Kydd

Electronic versions of the revision materials used in today’s conference.

Revision Conference Powerpoint – December 2012 – Elizabeth (what the examiners want)

F961A Elizabeth – Past Questions / Examiner Guidance / Reports

Revision Conference Powerpoint – December 2012 – Italy (what the examiners want)

Italy overview revision powerpoint

Italy “Revise Everything” powerpoint – which explains why you should revise the whole course

Guide to writing excellent Italian history.

Finally you will find the Italy podcast, the materials above, and past papers at


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  1. Akash Patel says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have used some quotes from the Kolko source in the Investigations handbook and would be extremely grateful if you could provide me with the page number references for that source.

    Best Regards,
    Akash Patel

    • Mr Kydd says:


      Apologies – we can not really help you. The source was taken from an old examination paper.

      Kind regards,
      Alan Kydd.

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