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Putin compares himself to Poytr Stolypin

We are quickly approaching the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Poytr Stolypin, Prime Minister of Russia from 1906 to 1911. You will come across him first via his incomplete, but potentially very effective agriarian reforms. Stolypin, together with Sergie Witte … Continue reading

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Twenty years ago the plot to restore Communism collapsed.

Twenty years ago I was your age, and I remember feeling genuine fear when the news came through that hardliners had imprisoned the reforming Mikhail Gorbachev (left). The plot was broadly to overthrow the reformer and restore Communist rule. For a moment … Continue reading

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Albert Camus killed by the KGB for criticising the Soviet Union, claims Italian newspaper

Albert Camus was the French winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957. He was famed for contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as  absurdiam. He wrote in his essay “The Rebel” that his whole life was … Continue reading

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