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Pyotr Stolypin – “The last great hero of the Empire” ?

Last week marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Stolypin. He remains very popular in Russia, and in 2008 a television poll voted him the second greatest Russian in history (although we should perhaps note here that Stalin came … Continue reading

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The Revision Workbook

As we move into  the revision season this document will prove helpful. It is a revision workbook. It is mainly designed for you to use in what were your coursework lessons. However, it obviously can be used at home as well. … Continue reading

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Re -Stalinisation ? Russian publisher refuses to withdraw Stalin notebook from schools

Following on from the previous post on Putin this article from today’s Guardian introduced me to a new term – re-Stalinisation. The dispute focuses on a new school text book which names Stalin as one of twenty Great Russians.  Miriam Elder … Continue reading

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Enrichment opportunity – “The Man Without A Face”

I am presently reading Masha Gessen’s horrifying and damming biography of Vladimir Putin – “The Man Without A Face”.  She describes him as a “small and vengeful man, prone to furious vendettas, fond of helping himself to other people’s property, … Continue reading

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Repression and Reform work

[youtube][/youtube] Depending on what group you are in, you will be dealing with the twin issues of repression and reform in April. You might like to look at the graphic film representation of the Great Terror above, and then read the … Continue reading

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Nothing lies like a photograph…

Or so they say. This BBC slideshow of photographs made on the eve of revolution by the Russian ariotocrat, Sergei Michaolovich Prokudin-Gorrskii can even make povertry look beautiful. It is of course literally a snapshot of a world that was about to … Continue reading

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