Welcome to the Russian dictatorships section of the site.

Those of you who used the old site will know it as predominantly a vehicle to discuss Russian history. These pages are designed to support Little Heath A2 students studying for their summer examination. Our examination board is OCR, and the paper is Russia and its rulers 1855 – 1964. The paper code is Y318.

As before, we envisage that different students will use different parts of the site in different ways. Most students find the schemes of work and assessment sections above as particularly useful for reference. You should however also look at the additional materials section. This has lots in it to support and extend your studies. Look for example at the excellent quotation bank from a previous student. Below this post will be articles of news about Russian history. You will also see posts here that will be used for online discussion homeworks where we will want you to add (ideally constructive) comments.

Above all however, we want this to be your site. However you use it is fine, but please take ownership of it.

Mr Kydd


Oh and just for old times sake, here are two top historians (Mr Jarrett and me circa 2030 ?) debating the origins of the Russian Revolution – perhaps…

Please find here the department’s 5Rs document (Research, Reflect, Review, Read around, and Respond to feedback). It sets out what A Levels students should expect from us, and what we expect from you.

Finally,  this is a complete list of all the past questions from the old course. However, students are reminded that the latest Ofqual pronouncements on examinations which instructed the boards that;

  • All parts of the course must be examined.
  • No question should be (exactly) repeated.

You class teacher will discuss what this means for your revision with you. Perhaps more useful in essay planning is this revision work booklet.

Mr Kydd.

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Repression work from today.





Mr Kydd.

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The significance of the First World War – comparison lesson

war board

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The World at War – Stalingrad

For those of you that missed it.


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Turning point in government plan

From yesterday’s lesson. 1881 ?

Turning points plan

Oct 17 – from the revision session. How is it different ?


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For the two of you who could not make history society

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Enrichment – Tragedy or triumph? Russians agonise over how to mark 1917 revolutions

3562If you click here you will get to  article discussing how Russia is considering how to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

“1917 is problematic. On the one hand, the Soviet state that came from the revolution was the one that won the war and whose military and scientific achievements Putin thinks should be venerated. But on the other hand Putin has elevated “stability” to being one of the key tenets of his rule, and as such celebrating a revolution goes against the very grain of his political philosophy”.

Have a read and see what you think.

Mr Kydd.

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The essay planning board work



Mr Kydd.

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Half Term work

Please click here for your half term work and securing video on Alexander II’s reforms.

Mr Kydd.

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Enrichment – Russia’s most unruly ruler ?


Year Thirteen,

Great to all of you at History Society today. We will finish off Ivan the Terrible next week. Perhaps Empress Anna Ioannovna was not so brutal, but this article suggests that she was certainly more of a party girl; as well as another true autocratic ruler.

“On March 8, a coup d’état headed by Anna’s most trusted retainers rounded up members of the Supreme Privy Council. Anna shredded the contracts before their eyes, and sentenced them all to death or exile. With the power of the Russian throne consolidated, Anna was officially crowned Empress of Russia on April 28, 1730. Empress Anna was protective of her newfound position to the point of paranoia. This led to the dreaded revival of the Secret Search Chancellery. A secret police force beholden only to Anna herself, they bore full authority to kill or torture any political opponents to the throne.”

How do all this relate to our A Level course ? Well, think about our timeline today. Perhaps repression was the only way to effectively rule this “prison of peoples”.

Mr Kydd.

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Introduction materials


Electronic versions of the materials used today ( from this website ).



Mr Kydd.


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