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Stalin’s ‘deadly railway to nowhere’

This is a really interesting article on BBC news. It is about an unfinished railway built during Stalin’s rule.  You all know how important industrialisation and railway building was throughout the course and this is a good example of the human … Continue reading

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Did Stalin have Lenin posioned ?

“As a baby, Lenin had a head so large that he often fell over. He used to bang his head on the floor, making his mother worry… “ Well perhaps. Lenin’s early death certainly does matter to us however. It … Continue reading

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Nothing lies like a photograph…

If you don’t believe me then have a look at this image. Even the repression of the Mir can look glamorous in the right light. This series of extraordinary (just for you Zack) images from the earliest days of film do … Continue reading

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Revision materials

Thursday 7th June –Many thanks for coming to Revision today; we hope that it was helpful. Please  find below the key documents – should you want them in electronic form. June 2012 Revision Powerpoint Developments and Outcomes table Sample Essay … Continue reading

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