Past A* Examination Scripts

This page will contain typed up versions of actual A* answers (warts and all) from Little Heath students (we have their permission so thank them if you know them). Before each will be link to the examiner’s guidance and feedback. Thus, this is a powerful resource which shows what the examiners were looking for, and then students who have got it very right under timed conditions. You need to be careful how you use this, and I would recommend discussing this with your class teacher.

One possible model is to turn the successful essays into effective plans (using the electronic planning sheet?) and then write a paragraph to explain what you like (and what could be improved?). 

January 2010


Examiner Guidance (pages 104 105)

 January 2010 A* answers

June 2010

 June 2010 Examination Report (pages 12 – 13)

January 2011


June 2011


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