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Enrichment – something to watch – Khrushchev documentaries

Those Khrushchev documentaries as promised. Robert Conquest. (20mins) The Secret Speech and reaction ( 2mins and 10mins) After Stalin (Cold War series – excellent on the take over of Eastern Europe) American documentary

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Enrichment – something to watch – In the shadow of Red October (BBC)

A nice bit of enrichment for those of you studying the Russia course.  The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg travelled across Russia to find out what Russians today think about the October Revolution. See what you think. Mr Kydd.

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Interactive graphic: 100th anniversary of Russia’s October revolution

If you here you will get to an article from the Irish Examiner to mark the centenary of the October Revolution – it has a handy interactive graphic / chronology of  the key events of 1917. As such it is … Continue reading

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Enrichment – things to watch – Russia 1917 – countdown to revolution

Year Thirteen, If you click here you will get to the excellent BBC documentary Russia 1917 – countdown to revolution. It is excellent. Please do watch it. Seventeen days left to watch. Mr Kydd.

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Enrichment – Something to listen to and something to read…

Something to listen to / download. The excellent Wild East Radio 4 series – Martin Sixsmith And something to listen to. Click here to read The Guardian’s review of Robert Service’s Last of the Tsars “Service takes pains over his … Continue reading

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Summer work – things to watch and places to go

After your reading and noting from Satterwaite, you have two other Russia related tasks… Watch the following excellent videos – for each make a max of 1 side of A4 notes. These will be taken in by me.   2. … Continue reading

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Enrichment – Tragedy or triumph? Russians agonise over how to mark 1917 revolutions

If you click here you will get to Shaun Walker’s article discussing how Russia is considering how to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 1917. “1917 is problematic. On the one hand, the Soviet state that came from the revolution was the one that … Continue reading

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Enrichment – Russia’s most unruly ruler ?

Year Thirteen, Great to all of you at History Society today. We will finish off Ivan the Terrible next week. Perhaps Empress Anna Ioannovna was not so brutal, but this article suggests that she was certainly more of a party girl; as well … Continue reading

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Introduction materials

All, Electronic versions of the materials used today ( from this website ). Mr Kydd.  

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Lavrenti Beria Executed on this day in 1953

If you click here you will get to Richard Cavendish’s 2003 article in History Today describing the fate of the hated Georgian. I have included a paragraph below… “At a hastily convened meeting of the Presidium, Khrushchev launched a blistering attack … Continue reading

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