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  1. Linda Baker says:

    Dear Mr Kydd
    I have just discovered your wonderful website -what a labour of love, it must be so motivating for your students. I became Head of History again four years ago, having spent most of my career in pastoral care and focussing on A level politics, so it is certainly a pleasure to get back to my roots. The change was the result of a merger and I inherited coursework on Oliver Cromwell (which is great) and the Making of Modern France. That part of the course was taught by a colleague who retired in September leaving me the only A Level teacher. I have taken the plunge and decided to change the themes paper to Russia. The students have completed their coursework and have studied Russia for a month. I came across your website and wanted to ask permission to read it and learn from it (intellectual property and all that). I should like to offer you material, but I have nothing to match your work on Russia as yet. I also changed the AS level from the counter reformation to Westward Expansion, if you ever have need of that you would be so welcome. Also my school is a Tudor Palace as you will see on the website, so if you ever want to visit Croydon with or without your students I should be happy to take you around. The school recently featured on a Dairmaid MacCulloch programme about Thomas Cromwell and is an absolute gem. I am tying this listening to Radio 4 discussion between Michael Gove, Tom Holland etc about History – would be interesting for our students. Do get in touch – I feel a little like a snooper at the moment, so that shows I am possibly too old for the computer age!
    All the best for the New Year
    Linda Baker

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