Teacher Schemes of Work

Please find below the schemes of work that we will be using with you. Obviously different teachers will interpret these in different ways. They are not set in stone. However there are a number of possible uses for you here;

1. Each lesson has reading from Oxley. These should be used to either (ideally) to prepare for your forthcoming lessons, or to secure and reflect on what you have just learnt.

2. Healthy A Level classes have a genuine learning partnerships. We want you to use these schemes of work to see what we are trying to achieve with you. Your imput and ideas are very welcome.

You will be taught this course in themes, in the order below. At the completion of them we will think about ideas such as leadership, turning points in govenment and causes of change.


Agriculture Scheme of Work

Russian Industry and Condition of the Workers Scheme of Work 

Government Scheme of Work

Opposition Scheme of Work

Repression Scheme of Work

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